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Simon Coombs (Founder Director)

Counselling, Psychotherapy, CBT, Cognitive Coaching and EMDR

Simon has spent the majority of his professional career working with people in a supportive, advisory and developmental capacity both privately and within the business community. Simon’s early career was in corporate management before training as one of the first UK business Cognitive Coaches to develop and introduce behavioural coaching into the workplace for a multi national financial services organisation. He then proceeded to manage professional development within a London and Jersey based Law Firm where he also coached Senior Management in NLP techniques.


Subsequently, Simon trained as a Counsellor, Psychotherapist and CBT Practitioner at the renowned BACP accredited Ironmill College in Exeter. Additionally he trained as an EMDR Practitioner with the EMDR Association of Great Britain and Ireland in Edinburgh and London.  Simon has been personal coach to Senior Corporate Management and Executives in London. He has also provided individual and group psychological support via Employee Assistance Programmes.


Simon is passionate about mental health and wellbeing, across every age and stage of society and life. He has worked in Primary Care supporting NHS IAPT services as a Counsellor and has also supported the Student Academic support team at Plymouth University of the past 3 years.


With a rise in issues such as anxiety and depression and longer NHS waiting lists that only offer a set solution, Simon conceived the Working Minds service which combines psychological and practical support through a blended therapeutic approach, with outstanding results.


Simon is a registered member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy. He works closely with other highly qualified counselling psychotherapists and cognitive behavioural therapists.

Lynn Brookes

Counselling, Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, CBT

Lynn is a practising Counsellor with 17 years post qualification experience, and also a fully qualified Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist.


She began her working career as a nurse, completing training at the Princess Elizabeth Orthopaedic Hospital in Exeter.


In subsequent years, she has provided counselling and psychotherapy support working with a wide variety of client groups including young people and adults with learning difficulties, youth and adult trainees and unemployed people across every age and stage struggling with anxiety and depression.


Lynn has supported prisoners in two of Devon’s jails, engaging in specific accredited CBT programmes to address their problems with drugs and alcohol. She has worked in various criminal justice settings, probation across Devon and Cornwall, police custody suits, again working with people experiencing difficulties with drugs and alcohol and in residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation communities, both in and out of prison.


Additonally, Lynn has done valuable work in various women’s groups related to health and wellbeing.


She works with many clients who come along to address their fears, phobias, stress, anxiety, depression, and many other issues that prevent people from enjoying life. Support can help people cope better with day-to-day life. The emphasis is always about getting my clients back to feeling more like their old self again.

Sharon Stallard

Coaching, Counselling, CBT

Sharon Stallard is a Therapeutic Counsellor and Life Coach, who has been working with clients for over 15 years. Sharon brings her life experience as well as her training into her work with outstanding results.


Sharon completed her Diploma in Counselling & Psychotherapy in 2004 and 10 years later, studied at the College of St Mark & St John, where she qualified as a Life and Business Coach.


She has worked successfully with a large number of people struggling with anxiety and depression, providing psychological and practical support.


Sharon has experience of working with a diverse range of clients and works with an integrative, person centred approach. Regularly updating her skills and knowledge, she has a broad range of qualifications including Solution Focused therapy and Hypnotherapy.  Additionally she has trained in Mental Health First Aid and Bereavement Counselling.


Sharon is extremely passionate about supporting others to improve their lives and enjoys teaching people how to develop their own inner resources and emotional resilience skills.

Patricia Taylor

Psychotherapy, Counselling, Psychology, CBT

Patricia is a highly effective and well respected Practitioner who has worked across groups and with individuals of every age and stage.


She has been practising for 20 years, working with a broad range of issues which include: drug and alcohol misuse, anxiety, stress, bereavement, relationship difficulties, marital problems, low self esteem and personal development.


Patricia has worked extensively with unemployed people, providing psychological and practical support to bring them closer to or into a progressive working outcome.


Using her wealth of experience, Patricia has spent a number of years working in the substance misuse field, both in custodial and community settings, with clients who have drug/alcohol dependency issues.


Patricia uses an eclectic mix of Person Centred, Existential, Gestalt and CBT, tailored to suit each client’s individual needs. Her particular interest is in working with the older age group, teasing out the core issues that can cause barriers, exploring ways of overcoming them, and offering support in building confidence and self esteem.


Training, qualifications & experience

BSc (Hons) Psychology
Diploma Humanistic Counselling
Diploma Advanced Psychotherapy
Diploma Life Coaching
Certificate Brief Solution Focused Therapy
Certificate Forensic Drugs Work

Will Knox

Counselling, Psychotherapy

Will has worked to help support a range of people from a variety of backgrounds over a number of years. Will’s background is in education where he taught successfully in mainstream and private schools over a long period. He is highly skilled at working with young people of all age and stage and brings a real depth to his work, which produces great results.


Most recently, Will has supported Working Minds contracts to help unemployed people understand their psychological and practical barriers to getting back into or closer to work. Will has been particularly successful when time has allowed for longer sessional interventions to really understand and work with clients issues. His strengths include working with people struggling with depression, anxiety, addictions, low self esteem and confidence.


Will brings his own thoughtful and studied approach to his practice and this enables him to engage with clients at a level that really helps to facilitate recovery and change.


Will is qualified in Psychotherapy and Counselling

Rachel Charlton

Counselling, Psychotherapy, CBT

Rachel is a Counsellor and Psychotherapist who has been working in the field since 2010. She brings a real warmth to her work alongside her professional skills and experience which clients appreciate.


Rachel has experience of running her own practice as well as offering assistance to other related organisation where she can bring her talents to the fore.


Much of her work has been in education, supporting the health and wellbeing of students as well as working alongside head teachers and staff to ensure best outcomes for students.


In the family context, Rachel specialises in relationship problems, family issues, abuse, anxiety, and young people who self harm.


Additonally, she works very effectively with depression, low self esteem, anger management, stress and personal development.

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